5. Performance AMD and Intel

We use a simple matlab function to compare the performance of the two processor models available in the cluster.

Pocessor Sockets Cores Speed Year Technology
Intel 2 4 2.0 2009 Dedicated
AMD 4 16 2.4 2012 Shared


The simulation code simply calculate the signal power received by a user at some distance away from the antenna. User and antenna positions are randomlly choosen from two sets of random generated values. 


We run the simulation in both processors queue types, and find out that Intel processor are a little bit fatser than the AMD processors, as they can run the simulation with less time.



Despite the difference manufacturing years, both processors perform well. Dealing with floating-point operations that require a single core, Intel processors nodes are advisable. However, when performing tasks that require various cores, the AMD processors nodes are preferable, because Intel cores are few and will soon be exhausted.