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17/1/2014: New queue available

On 17/1/2014, a new queue has been setup on the cluster, called skip_first.q

Each node of the cluster is geared with four AMD Abu-Dhabi 16-core processors. When a given job is processed on an empty processoir (no process running anywhere on any core) it is processed by the core 0 and speeds up by gaining high, faster accesses to the shared L2 and L3 caches. This behavior can introduce noise on the jobs who measure time, as long as there is no prior knowledge of the state of the processor: it can be empty or not, thus the same algorith can perform differently due to external reasons.

We are still testing performance, limits and correct behavior of this queue, but limit are:

- for users: 64 processors per job
- for research groups: 128 processors per all the group's jobs
- maximum cores available to the queue: 688 slots
- no limits for RAM or time