This is the main site to get information about SNOW, the DTIC's new HPC cluster. This cluster is intended to provide high performance calculation support to all DTIC members. If you are a DTIC member, or you are working somehow in any of the research projects of the DTIC you are eligible to use SNOW.

Any HPC environment is a little bit particular: things have to be done in a particular way. Please take your time to navigate through this site to become familiar with th HPC environment. Read the system description carefully and how to use correctly the cluster. Additionally, go to the Examples section to have a look on particular examples about how to do real examples. 

As long as SNOW is a shared system (all DTIC users share the same cluster), you are advised to use it with caution and for research purposes only. Unauthorized uses of the cluster could imply the suspension of the service. 

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